Fluoridation and Our Bones

Do you have some kind of bone disease? Please read below and ask yourself if it’s possible fluoride was a contributing factor. We get lip service from various federal agencies that fluoride in the water is safe, but if that’s so, why do I have over 50 posts on this website indicating the opposite? If you’re tired of city leaders that follow federal guidelines without any further thought or analysis, I’m offering an alternative.

From the article:

The results of more than five epidemiological studies indicate increased hip fractures in both naturally and artificially fluoridated areas. The incidence of hip fracture is also increasing more rapidly than can be accounted for by aging of the population. There are numerous studies which undeniably prove that fluoride’s cumulative effect on bone is devastating. It is well known that chronic ingestion of fluoride can cause osteofluorosis or skeletal fluorosis (crippling bone disease). This evidence has been reported in at least nine studies from five countries (contrary to promoters’ denials, this occurs even at relatively “low” water fluoride levels). Moreover, according to the World Health Organization, individuals consuming between 2.0 – 8.0 mg of fluoride/day (2-8 litres of fluoridated water), can develop the pre-clinical symptoms of skeletal fluorosis (arthritis-like symptoms). As recently reported by the U.S. PHS, many women living in fluoridated communities are now ingesting up to 6.6 mg of fluoride per day, a crippling dose for some if maintained.

Here’s the rest of the article on the Long Term Effects of Ingesting Fluoride on Our Bones.

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